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Wrath: A Dark Mafia Romance
Wrath: A Dark Mafia Romance

Wrath: A Dark Mafia Romance


4.60 (97 ratings)
I thought we had escaped my life in the mob. I was wrong.

All I see is red.
It consumes me.
The moment he took her, wrath invaded my soul.
I only have one purpose.
End him and take back what’s mine.
They trained me to be a killer.
Now they'll see just what I'm capable of.
Love isn’t always clean, and wrath is the deadliest sin.

Dive into the world of the Albanian mob and what men are willing to do for the women they love...

***Wrath is the first book in The Deadliest Sin Series about organized crime in Philly and Chicago. This series is best read in order, as the stories are chronological and each sin builds on the events of the previous one.***

*** Previously appeared as book 4 in The 7 Collection about the deadly sins.***