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4.60 (25 ratings)
This story relives the events of Rise of the Phoenix from two other perspectives: Cole & Peter Blackbourne.

Cole Blackbourne: the smartass, violent, and crude jokester with no filter. Cole is the playboy of the Blackbourne brothers. The only thing he dislikes more than mortals is witches. So, it doesn't help when one particular dark-skinned, pure-hearted, animal-loving witch who values all life completely consumes his mind to the point of obsession. Ava is slowly getting under his skin. Everything about her irks him. To Cole, she's too innocent and pure and he desperately wants to corrupt her. But Ava has secrets of her own. He's damaged. She's scarred. Sometimes healing comes from the most unlikely places.

Peter Blackbourne: from sweet, adorable toddler to moody, angry teenager overnight. Thanks to a blood bond gone horribly wrong, the 300-year-old vampire is not only back to his self-destructive mental state but confined to a 19-year-old body that he has no idea how to navigate. As he tries to rediscover a world he hates, Peter soon learns from two others that sexuality is fluid for a vampire. But do they just make his dick throb or is there something more?

This book has STRONG HOMOEROTIC scenes.

This is another perspective of the SEVENTH book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with a trailer, casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage