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Scoring a Prince: A Pro Soccer / Virgin / Second-Chance Romantic Comedy
Scoring a Prince: A Pro Soccer / Virgin / Second-Chance Romantic Comedy

Scoring a Prince: A Pro Soccer / Virgin / Second-Chance Romantic Comedy


4.10 (50 ratings)
She followed him around the world, only to find he wasn’t waiting for her. Can he convince her to give him a second chance? HAMISH:I’ll be honest—I hadn’t been thinking much about love or marriage. I’d met the girl for me and let her go years ago. And until I could make that right? I wasn’t looking.Until my Durnish family reminded me that to keep my place in line for the Durnish throne (and my only real link to my homeland) I needed to tie the knot before I hit thirty.The issue? There’s only one girl I’m willing to marry and I haven’t seen or heard from her in six years.I’ll have to find her fast and hope she won’t be bothered by my lack of… experience. She’s the one. And until I find her again, I haven’t wanted to share my royal scepter with just anyone, if ya get my drift.
SOPHIE:I followed Hamish MacEvoy to America six years ago, but what I found there told me right away he wasn’t waiting around for me.
Since then, I’ve built my own life—free of kilt-wearing football players, thank you very much. I have a successful business baking wedding cakes for the elite of the San Diego wedding scene.
But when Erica Johnson and Fernando Fuerte—who plays for Hamish’s team—came walking through my door, I should have hidden. Well, actually I did hide, but it all fell apart anyway.
I’m just not sure I’m ready to give Hamish a second chance.
* * *
Hamish "The Hammer" MacEvoy is every Sharks player's favorite kilt-wearing drinking buddy. But he's also a prince. And to keep his place in line for the throne of his tiny island country, he has to be married before the age of thirty. 

Can Hamish find Sophie? And if he does, can he convince her to give him another chance after all this time? And if he can do that, will they survive the Feats of Matrimonial Might? And what about all the sheep? 
The third hilarious book in the Mr. Match series will take you for a laugh-out-loud ride you won’t forget!