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Rogue Gone RaVage
Rogue Gone RaVage

Rogue Gone RaVage


4.90 (30 ratings)
"Never trust a Morris!"

Never in a million years did Tiana Morris think she'd end up in this position: on the outside of a tight group that she had just started to call family. Unthinkable betrayal has hit the Anarchist hacker group RaVage. For once in their chaotic lives, they have no idea what to do next.

Unruly, reckless, and unfiltered. Owen, Tyler, and Jason are so unapologetically obsessed with their dark-skinned computer genius that they would sooner burn the world to the ground than let any harm come to her. But will this shocking revelation be the breaking point of their relationship? How do they move on from this? Can they?

This last installment of the Anarchist series is full of twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Just how far will Tiana's three lovers go if it comes down to life and death?

Please note that this book is graphic with explicit sexual and violent content including homoeroticism.

This is the EIGTH book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Tiana Morris takes the cyberpunk genre by storm as a Black Genius in the Anarchists Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with a trailer, casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage