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Lie of the Tiger
Lie of the Tiger

Lie of the Tiger


4.40 (11 ratings)
IF THE old men are going to save the ailing Tasmanian Tiger museum, they have no choice but to break The Mayor’s silly law banning common dogs.
The odds have long been stacked against the new Irish manager of the museum but he’s going to need help from his odd new friends to get by this time.
And The Mayor? That nasty old bugger deserves what’s coming!
This is a funny, sometimes touching novel based in the quirky little town of Windy Mountain.
Like finding a quirky character behind every corner? Then you are in danger of enjoying this eBook.
Lie of the Tiger is book 1 of the Windy Mountain series.
If you enjoy it, Blokes on a Plane (book 2), Whitey and the Six Dwarfs (book 3) and Blokes in Donegal (book 4), and the lockdown series Blokes in the House await with many of the same endearing characters.