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Lady Rample Steps Out
Lady Rample Steps Out

Lady Rample Steps Out


4.10 (273 ratings)

When Lady Rample steps out, murder steps in.

Lady Rample finds herself at odds after the death of her husband until her best friend drags her to a hot new jazz club in the heart of London. As if being wooed by two handsome men isn’t enough, Lady R finds herself embroiled in the murder of one of the club’s owners.

Bored with her aristocratic life and irked that the police have arrested the wrong suspect, Lady R decides to turn lady detective. With her eccentric Aunt Butty in tow, Lady R scours London for clues. If she’s lucky she’ll find the killer before the killer finds her.

From the author of the Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries comes the first book in the Lady Rample Mysteries set in jazz-era London.

Book 1 - Lady Rample Steps Out
Book 2 - Lady Rample Spies a Clue
Book 3 - Lady Rample and the Silver Screen
Book 4 - Lady Rample Sits In
Book 5 - Lady Rample and the Ghost of Christmas Past
Book 6 - Lady Rample and Cupid's Kiss
Book 7 - Lady Rample and the Mysterious Mr. Singh (Coming soon)