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Kiss of an Angel: A Christmas Story
Kiss of an Angel: A Christmas Story

Kiss of an Angel: A Christmas Story


4.30 (44 ratings)
Rebecca Anne Stollen survives one breath to the next—but she’s not living. Not since her husband died on Christmas Eve three years ago. She’s stuck in a dark place, and each morning she gets out of bed is a triumph. Then, as the shadow of another Christmas Eve in her empty house looms… an angel saves her from a vampire’s bite. Either that, or she’s losing her mind. But she’s suddenly possessed with painting heavenly, sexy angels, and it feels like something has broken loose. Is it even possible angels are real? Can one kiss save her? It’s either that… or her mind is finally as broken as her heart.

Kiss of an Angel is the standalone story of CASSIEL, an angeling of the light in the world of the FALLEN ANGELS series, but it can be read independently. It contains sexy hot angelings of the light.

FALLEN ANGELS is the follow-on series to FALLEN IMMORTALS. It's recommended that you read FALLEN IMMORTALS first, but the series can be read independently.

**Kiss of an Angel can be read independently of the novel series.**