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3.50 (5 ratings)
"If you like John Grisham novels, smart plots and a memorable cast of characters then you will definitely like the Donnie Ray Cuinn series. At under 200 pages, this book packs a punch with a great cast of characters, a serious yet comical basis for a plot, and a style of writing that hooked me in and didn't let go until the last page." — Library of Clean Reads

When Austin slacker and would-be grad student Donnie Ray Cuinn stumbles upon an old letter in the musty bowels of the Texas State Archives, he believes he has uncovered the true and very unflattering story of Texas’ sainted hero Sam Payne’s capture of Mexican leader Santa Anna during the Battle of San Jacinto. But is it true or is it fake news? Sam Payne’s descendant, now Texas’ Attorney General, is running for governor, proudly proclaiming hero status for his glorious ancestor.

Donnie jumps at the chance, arranged by his best friend and UT football player Wesley Bird, to have his story published in the prestigious Texas Today. Donnie’s story, Donnie himself, and his family, quickly become involved in the ruthless game of Texas politics.

In rapidly moving events, Donnie finds the strength to take on his enemies. In the ensuing battle, Donnie learns about strength from his parents, about love from Cordelia, a beautiful Mexican law student and about betrayal by his best friend. He also learns in the hardest and most challenging way that it may not matter whether a story is true or not when it comes to Texas politics.

First novel of the Donnie Ray Cuinn series.