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Giovanni: (Ricci Family Mafia)
Giovanni: (Ricci Family Mafia)

Giovanni: (Ricci Family Mafia)


3.40 (33 ratings)
Camille a black female Correction officer at New York state prison gets an inmate that she doesn't want. Giovanni Ricci a well know businessman that has mafia ties get thrown into prison for six months. How does Camille get her job done with Giovanni and the FBI all in her face?

"You're very straightforward about things I can tell," he said getting out the chair walking around the desk. Every step he took towards me I took a step back until I hit the wall. He grabs both my hands pinning them over my head. I tried kicking him but he positioned himself inside of my legs then looks me in the face. "I know the feds want you to get Sean to rat on me and they want you to be my new CO since I refuse to see the redhead chick," he said.

"Mr. Ricci what do I get from following these orders," I ask as he licks his lips then bends his head to my ear.

"If you don't follow these orders, my love, then I'll have you in the hole with me while I beat you into submission," he said. Making me shiver then he looks me in the eyes, I see darkness in his eyes making me rethink about being attracted to him. He releases my hands then walks to the door. "Remember to go to James' office by the end of the day," said Giovanni before leaving out the room. I stand there stunned about what he told me and the way he made me feel.