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Gifted to the Prince
Gifted to the Prince

Gifted to the Prince


Her knight in shining armor...or devil in disguise?

When Lalia, kept in isolation, is rescued by a warrior prince, she has no idea how cruelly ruthless - and seductive - her savior can be...


I find her climbing a tree, naked, living in shockingly primitive conditions, on my way to fulfill a dark mission.

She's wild and skittish...and insatiable. An evil man had made her wanton with unethical devices. He'd ruined her for polite society, utterly destroying her chances at a normal lady's life. He deserves to pay.

That's my job. I decide justice. I am royal. Untouchable. Wherever I go, I take what I want. And I want her. Lalia. The ideal bedmate for a royal in my unique position.

In gratitude for freeing her from her captivity, she gifts me with herself.

She thinks I will train her to become a civilized lady.

That isn't precisely what I have in mind...

This is the first installment in Royally Bared and Acquired, a red-hot futuristic fantasy romance series that contains cruel mind games, orgasm denial, space-age futuristic kink, anal, spanking, and public sex. If these offend you, please avoid.

In addition, there is an arrogant and controlling alphahole hero. He DOES get redeemed...eventually.

About the fantasy and sci-fi: There are hints of advanced science and magic. These elements are very mild and in the background. Don't expect aliens, only subtly advanced humans. The setting is a familiar Earth-like place with a few tweaks to give it an old-world flavor, a futuristic-medieval feel. Any science fiction and fantasy elements exist purely to bolster the story.

All Luce's series have a happy ending...eventually.