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Bound to the Dragon Prince
Bound to the Dragon Prince

Bound to the Dragon Prince


4.50 (120 ratings)

He’s not your average prince, she’s no princess, and this is not a fairy tale… 
Archaeologist Karla has made all kinds of interesting discoveries. But the sexy, sleeping man she found in an Australian cavern? Now that was a shock.  Even more surprising, though, are the feelings he awakens in her.  How will she ever find the strength to leave him and go back to her normal, mundane life when all is said and done?
The world Prince Taurian knew is gone. This new world is unrecognizable, and he knows he needs Karla’s help to navigate it. But nothing could’ve prepared him for just how much he’d come to care for his lovely rescuer. Too bad she can never be his…
Soon, Taurian and Karla realize they’ll need to work together to defeat the last living remnant of Taurian’s past—the enemy dragon who trapped him in a magically induced slumber for 300 years. But that’ll be the easy part. Finding their way to happily ever after? That could get tricky…

Previously published as Waking the Dragon Prince