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Black Cats and Bad Luck: Gay Romance Novel
Black Cats and Bad Luck: Gay Romance Novel

Black Cats and Bad Luck: Gay Romance Novel


Falling for the man of his literal dreams is easy. But what happens when he wakes up?
Mason Lewis is a regular guy with the worst luck. His perfect man might be imaginary since he visits in dreams but never shows up in the waking world... until a vacation in Colorado when Mason is on the verge of making a commitment to someone else.

Horatio isn’t your average cat. He’s lactose intolerant, for one. And while he lived as a witch’s familiar, he’s not really a cat. As a human, he’s ready to discover the joys human life and claim Mason for his own, but a sinister force lurking in the shadows has other plans.

When spending a week with Horatio in a rustic forest getaway, Mason must decide who has his heart. And stop whoever’s trying to break it by attacking everyone he cares about. Can Horatio help Mason turn his luck around, or are they doomed?

Black Cats and Bad Luck is a complete gay romance that can be read by itself or serve as an introduction to the characters in the Ward Magic series. This contemporary fantasy novel features a carpenter with a knack for building both literal and metaphorical walls, a magical entity taking a crash course in humanity, and an impossible love story that started in dreams.