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Batman: Officer Down
Commissioner Gordon's been shot!Three shots from the darkness, and the Dark Knight's greatest ally has fallen. Batman, sworn to bring the gunman to justice, begins his hunt with the only eyewitness to the crime -- Catwoman! But the trail to Gordon's attacker is riddled with more intrigue than Batman could have predicted, as the clues start to unravel the terrible truth of the assailant's identity.As Commissioner Gordon lies near death, Batman, with the aid of his proteges (Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Azrael, and Oracle) must solve one of their most challenging and personal cases -- Who shot Commissioner Gordon?!Collects:- Batman #587- Robin #86- Birds of Prey #27- Catwoman #90- Nightwing #53- Detective Comics #754- Batman: Gotham Knights #13.
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