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Almost Organic: Green Gardening Tips for the Practical Gardener
Almost Organic: Green Gardening Tips for the Practical Gardener

Almost Organic: Green Gardening Tips for the Practical Gardener


4.20 (66 ratings)

Almost Organic: Green Gardening Tips for the Practical Gardener
Let me help you take the frustration out of gardening and landscaping. Discover methods to be kind to the environment by being "almost organic", and maintaining a great looking yard and garden while being environmentally responsible, yet practical. 

If you find you're spending more time on your lawn and garden with less to show for it, then you'll benefit from the advice in this book, as it outlines methods that are preferably organic, at times traditional, but always after exploring the more green alternatives.

Written in an easy to follow format by a lifelong gardener, who's passion for gardening and our environment shows, this book includes common sense tips for:

  • having a good-looking lawn with minimal upkeep, using nontoxic methods
  • keeping insects away with little or no insecticide use
  • how to reduce your herbicide use without being overrun by weeds
  • when to renew and when to redo
  • understanding the numbers on the fertilizer bag
  • and more

  • In this book you'll find a happy middle ground between the purist organic approach and the overuse of fertilizers, and pesticides, recycling awareness and more. Give yourself the freedom to sit back and enjoy your lawn and garden with this "less is more" approach.

    From the Author
    I admit I've always been just a little skeptical of "green gardening practices", but have always adhered to the "natural" way when possible.

    Thankfully, over the years many of us have become a lot smarter in the way we look at what we're feeding ourselves and putting on our lawns. I've found great success in my gardening efforts by questioning some of the old methods, evaluating some of the new, and then finding a mixture of the best of each as
    being the way to go.

    I'm really just a guy who enjoys some of the simple things in life, one of them being gardening, and I'd like to share some of the learning, experiences, and opinions I have picked up over the years. I've found that over time, different experiences have changed some of those opinions, and I'm certainly not afraid of adapting my thinking or my actions when they make sense to me.

    I've had my eyes opened somewhat by my organic friends, it's my hope this book will help you decide what path you're on!

    .Another in the "Gardening with Don" Series